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Forge into a future created in the past with World That Wasn't.  Discover the myriad uses for atomic radiation!  Eavesdrop on the lovemaking of the tiniest of particles!  Join a game show with real guns!

World That Wasn't explores the World Of Tomorrow pulled from the fading print of comic books and cereal boxes.  A world ruled by benevolent scientists while jetpack-wearing school children soared across their neighborhood skies.

Combining vintage synthesizers, toys, glitchy beats and infectious riffs, World That Wasn't shares sonic roots with the likes of BT's This Binary Universe, Lemon Jelly, Mrs. Jynx and Carbon Based Lifeforms.  But the album's graceful arc from wry satire to transcendence carries the listener on a more personal voyage through, and then above, a collapsing consumer culture.

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