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Revolution 2016

Revolution 2016 is a music documentary of sound bites, ephemeral footage and the music of Raygun Ballet that comparing the current state of American politics and economics to a 1946 cautionary classroom film on the warning signs of Despotism. Throughout, Bernie Sanders begs, pleads and bellows out a wake-up call to change America's future and build a just society for all.

Mercy Redefined Remix Release

Fellow indie recording artist Sun Rust (aka Andrew Weiler) brings his decidedly analog approach to this remix of A Prayer for Mercy from our World That Wasn't album. By chopping and looping the original stems, adding a new bassline, and inverting the background and foreground elements, Weiler manages to create a supremely laid back mix that is simultaneously haunting, groovy and uplifting.


On the heels of World That Wasn't Raygun Ballet returns from the world of tomorrow and charts a course for the land of dreamers. Guided by luminaries both great and small, Raygun Ballet's Big California is an American walkabout; a groovy and ethereal pilgrimage through a land of giant donuts, muffler men and magic kingdoms. And in the shadows of old Route 66 gas stations and the faded glory of shuttered Salton Sea motels, Big California still finds gold in the Golden State.

While words like "epic" are cliché these days, there is something decidedly cerebral and refreshing about the album mix; something that moves your head as well as your feet. Restrained guitars fit snugly in a warm bed of organ swells, string pads and percolating sequencers. The minimalistic leads build to crashing power chords and soaring cinematic crescendos. Rhythmic pulsing bass lines keep it all grounded and grooving. So, while the word "epic" might be overused, "Big California" is certainly a big album for a big land.